Columbia Learning Center was founded with a mission to create and nurture an environment that values life-long learning and building community relationships.

Columbia Learning Center was born in 1995 by the communities of South Columbia County. The organization’s first project was to build a new home for the St. Helens Public Library, community meeting space, and a community technology center. Through a partnership with the City of St. Helens, Columbia Center was built, providing a vibrant hub of community activities to this day.

Columbia Learning Center was created by the community for the community and officially dedicated The Columbia Center in April 1996. The Columbia Center was made possible through a generous donation that was matched by the community though financial, in-kind, and volunteer support. Columbia Center was designed and built through a broad-based community project involving more than 200 volunteers. Read more about the history of Columbia Learning Center.

Columbia Learning Center is celebrating 18 years of existence and is looking toward a bright and growing future. The Center operates through minimal charges for its services, grants, donations, and volunteer support. Key to the programs is the support the community provides through the Black Tie & Blue Jeans summer social and auction that has become Columbia County’s premier benefit event.

Columbia Learning Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that accepts current contributions, deferred gifts, and endowment. Columbia Learning Center welcomes assistance from the community, from which its origins sprung.

Columbia Learning Center Board of Directors

  • Marion Christensen, President
  • Scott Howard, Vice President
  • Diane Dillard, Secretary
  • Brian Little, Treasurer
  • Margaret Jeffries
  • Diane Dillard
  • Libby Calnon
  • Chris Iverson